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Me: “I have so much work to do”
Me: *Goes on facebook*
Me: *Goes on tumblr*
Me: *Watches TV*
Me: *looks at cars*
Me: *cleans room*
Me: *clean house*
Me: “Why haven’t I got anything done?”

Anonymous asked: I hope you know you are going to hell for not believeing in god


are you kidding me? Threatening an atheist with hell? That’s like pointing a finger at me and telling me you’re going to shoot. That’s how insgnificant your comment is.

My Religious Rant

I hate when crazy religious people talk to you, and they’re like “God told me to.”
I was in town the other day and I was on the phone to my mum and there was this man about 50 years old shouting about God and some other crap. And so after the phone call I stormed over there and told him that it is not appropriate to be shouting out that stuff when people are trying to enjoy a day shopping. He told me that there was a war going on between God and the Devil. And I told him that wasn’t true. And then he started talking to me about what it says in the bible. I was like “I don’t care what it says in the bible.” I mean, put aside the fact that the bible is not proof that God exists, that was no my point. My point is that people are trying to enjoy their day out and you have people like him shouting among everyone. I told him that I just tried to have a phone call and I couldn’t because I had him bellowing down my ear hole. I really don’t think it’s appropriate. And I don’t care what religion you follow or if I offend anyone who follows me or reads this post. I don’t care about people’s religion; they can follow any religion they want; that’s not my point. My point is that I do agree in shouting out religious statements in a public area. You don’t see me shoving my atheism down your throat, so I do not expect it from any other religion. 
And then he started telling me “It’s my job; God told me to….”
No - God did not tell you. If you talk to God, it’s called praying. If God talks to you it’s called schizophrenia. 

Am i the only one that hates Game of Thrones?
Im just sick of the boring clothes, the shitty way they talk, the amount of sex and rape and other brutality that goes on.
Im sick of people dying or getting tortured or getting treated badly. I just hate watching it. And yet my boyfriend and mother watch it all the time and Im just stuck with it on the background and it annoys me so much jhfsjd

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You always called me a runner
So I ran, I grabbed my keys and I ran for the door and I ran all the way to the car
I got in and I screamed as hard as I could until I thought I tasted blood
Or maybe it was just your name
I drove to the gas station and bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked the whole goddamn pack
I stepped on each cigarette like you stepped all over me and when I got to the last one people started staring when I was just kicking at it and smearing it across the concrete
Each inhale I took I told myself I was smoking you out and after a while I tasted more like a bonfire than you
So I bought another pack and I drove home
Thought seriously about driving my car into a tree and about throwing the pack out the window
Smoking was a bad habit
But then again, so were you

Y.Z, a letter to the monsters (via rustyvoices)

If I give this feeling a name, will it be harder to let go of or easier to hate? I think I learned how to fly once, but I woke up with a broken leg. There was an entire summer when I searched for poisoned berries and convinced myself I was just keeping everyone else safe. The days only seem long when you are paying attention to where the sun is instead of what she is saying. Don’t you dare talk about this like you know anything about forgiveness. I saw the black drip from your mouth, and there were no galaxies this time. Every day, I wrap tape around these broken pencils and punch poems into paper that doesn’t belong to me. This is all I know about fighting. It is never about who hits the hardest, but whose blood stains the longest. Mine washed off months ago, and I can still see yours from here.

When a Marriage Ends… by Mike Sager (via esquire)

You wish you could tell your story from beginning to end. You wish you could once and finally be heard and understood. You know that will never happen.

Toes are leg hands

Stop liking my facebook status’s and not talking to me in real life. 

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