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Does anyone want to buy my car (rhetorical question)

Here is a list of comments from my vehicle health check from a red, amber, green system:

1) metal rotting from inside. Red.
2) clutch high biting point. Amber.
3) air conditioning. Red.
4) rear break pads. Red.
5) drive belt. Slightly worn. Red.
6) oil leak from gear box. Red.

7) three tyres under legal tred. Red.

The rest is green but how I haven’t died from vehicle combustion is nothing short of a miricle

On the bright side I got offered a job. But I need to see if I get accepted from the better opportunity before I make a decision.
On the other side I took my car into the garage and it needs a lot of work doing on it. So much so that it is not worth keeping any more and I’d be better off scrapping it than pay the amount I paid for it on repairs.
Which also means that I can cancel an interview I had as it requires a vehicle due to its awkward location. So that’s also out the window.
Im really pissed off at the Dodgy Dave guy who sold me the car because the man at the garage said there is no way it would pass an MOT test. Yet it passed two months ago which strongly suggests the guy fiddled with it to pass just to sell.
On the one hand at least I will get money from selling or scrapping, as well as road tax refunds and all that, but on the other hand im sad to see her go after only having her two months as well as getting highly ripped off.
So far 2014 has been pretty shit.



11.7” x 16.5”
Uni Pin pens 
190 gsm Hahnemuhle fine art paper

Personal piece available in 10 limited edition of 12x18” prints for sale, signed and numbered via La Creme de la Creme.

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you’d think that natural selection would give snails a harder shell where, if you stood on one, your foot would break, not them.

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